Meeting the Bears

“They had a fabulous day, now can’t stop talking about the zoo and are looking forward to going back. Thank You!” – Grandmother

“The boys are really enjoying the day out and it will maybe let them understand that animals need a place of safety as well as children, to help them all have a better life because they are well looked after.” – Kinship care Granddad

“Very enjoyable activity. The kids loved learning new facts and empathy for the bears.” – Parent

“Jane ‘Amazing’, Sarah ‘Exciting’, Josh ‘Brilliant’. We have learned so much about these bears and will go on finding out about bears with the lovely information books you gave us. This is a tremendous project for the children, helping them learn how the bears become happy animals again.” – Kinship care Gran and Granddad

Visit to the Vets and Canine Rehab Centre, including visit by Therapets provided by Canine Concern Scotland Trust

“One of the little boys had noticed my dog Holly’s nose prints on the window of my car. Holly had died a few months earlier and I hadn’t been able to bring myself to clean the window yet. When I explained this to him, he pressed his cheek up to the window and said ‘I’m hugging Holly’.” – Lesley Winton, Project Manager

“I loved running through the obstacle course – it was great fun!” – Child

“They were a great bunch and so funny at times. After exhausting the list of things we shouldn’t feed dogs one of the lads suggested a final thing to avoid feeding was ‘poison’. Hard to argue with that. And when I asked why we shouldn’t let our dogs drink Irn Bru he answered in a weary voice ‘because it’s full of sugar and gives a caffeine rush – that’s why kids love it.’ Absolutely priceless.” – Vet at Links Vets

Magic of Nature Workshop

“A great way to learn lots about nature and nurturing, thank you.” – Carer

“Wonderful experience! Very calming. Thank you so much!” – Carer

“I loved it. I wish I could come back!” – Child

“Thank you so much for a very informative and well thought out programme of activities for the children at the Magic of Nature workshop. The feedback from them was that they loved it.” – Kinship Carer

“Paula has taken more to animals and Robbie now loves gardening!” – Grandmother

“Once again Lesley, a wonderful day for the children and us too. The workshop was very good for the children and we do hope the dream catcher does the trick (we will let you know!)” – Kinship care Gran. (We were advised later that the dream catcher had worked and helped reduce the child’s nightmares. The child had been deliberately sleep deprived by their birth mother.)

“Lots of helpful tips, particularly liked the thought of the gratitude tree. Also made the children think about the environment. The dream catcher is really going to be useful.” – Kinship care Gran


“These are great activities. They get the children to think about feelings – when they sometimes don’t realise they are doing it.” – Kinship Care Gran

“My two foster children have been looking forward to this ‘Hollyday’ all week. Lesley has such a fantastic way of encouraging empathy between the children and animals whilst giving them hope that ‘happy endings’ happen for children and animals. A joyous day, completely unique and so worthwhile.” – Foster Mum

“Great fun day for children whilst learning about helping the animals, thinking about others and what they need. Lovely crafts, and their memory jars are another great idea to encourage the children to discuss their feelings and keep the happy thoughts. Thank you for a lovely day.” – Kinship care Gran and Grandpa

“I thought a lot of work went in to today and the kids loved it. I hope that these days continue as they mean a lot to the kids.” – Kinship care Gran

“This has been a lovely event today with lots of interaction with the children. Lovely story about Holly. The kids loved it and were so engaged. Well done Lesley on making this a great day.” – Kinship care Gran

“I think you made some very important points about the care of dogs in a very child friendly way. The children were very absorbed in the whole activity.” – Kinship care Granddad

“The kids really enjoyed today and because they have their own rescue dogs it’s meant a lot to them. The memory jars are a brilliant idea and I loved hearing what makes the kids happy. Excellent day. Thanks.” – Parent

“I think this workshop was really good, especially for the boys – it helps them to think of others and their own actions and behaviour.” – Kinship care Granddad

“The kids really enjoyed today and I believe anything relating to learning about animals is very good for them. It helps them to understand it’s not just people that have problems.” – Kinship care Gran

“I was so worried that William would kick off during today’s activities. He has anger issues and a lot of problems and has been expelled from a number of groups. However he thoroughly enjoyed today and was totally engrossed in the activities.” – Kinship care Gran

Storytelling Workshop

“Very enjoyable. Great that it was interactive and incorporated some craft work as well. Thoroughly enjoyed, thank you.” – Parent

“The workshop was very good and enjoyable. The kids had a fab time and we are looking forward to the next one. Especially loved the song at the end and making the story sticks.” – Parent

General feedback

“I think the Fostering Compassion project is really good as it gives the children something to look forward to and I think they also learn a lot from it.” – Grandmother

“During the film showing at the Christmas Party, my little boy said ‘This is the best day ever!’ and my little girl had her “dream thing”, as she calls it. It means when she is having a really happy time she has to check with me that it’s real and not a dream.” – Foster Mum

“The Fostering Compassion project most definitely works wonders with the children.” – Kinship Gran

“Fostering Compassion helped the children understand more about how animals feel and that they feel the same way we do.” – Kinship Gran

“Fostering Compassion helped the children to understand how other people feel.” – Kinship Gran

“There is nothing I would change about Fostering Compassion – everything is great and it will definitely help other children.” – Kinship Gran

“The Fostering Compassion people are fantastic and great and I hope they go on for years.” – Kinship Gran

“Being part of Fostering Compassion has helped improve my child’s feelings of self worth.” – Kinship Gran

“The Fostering Compassion project is very good and is supportive to both adult and child.” – Kinship Granddad

“I think the project is very much needed for all the children and adults alike and should continue the great work.” – Kinship Gran