Support through the Coronavirus

To help the children and families we work with stay occupied during this difficult time, we have created some online activity sheets. These are based on elements of our workshops that can be easily done at home and that are good for positive mental well-being. Just click on the images to open the sheets, and check back again soon as we will be adding more. In addition, we have provided Fostering Resilience information sheets, describing positive ways in which we can recover and adapt to challenges, such as the coronavirus, that we face in life. Stay safe, stay well and Be A Bear!

1. ‘Be A Bear’ – Wonderful words comparing the current situation with a bear going into hibernation to help soothe children and help adults gain perspective.
2. Calm Down Jars – activity worksheet.
3. Memory Jars – activity worksheet.
4. Gratitude Tree – activity worksheet.
5. Random Acts of Kindness – activity worksheet.
6. Link to Lead a Bright Future’s Buddy Bear KAPAW cards, containing easy activities and helpful tips to support children to nurture their well-being while enjoying fun family time together.

Be a Bear

Activity Sheet - Calm Down Jars Activity Sheet - Memory Jars
Activity Sheet - Gratitude Tree Activity Sheet - Random Acts of Kindness


Buddy Bear Family KAPAW cards

Fostering Resilience

Fostering Resilience - Building trust and relationships Fostering Resilience - Be Kind to Yourself
Fostering Resilience - Positive Bracelets Fostering Resilience - Parents’ Guide
Fostering Resilience - For Adults Fostering Resilience - Toolkit